Owner’s Rep Role: The AEC Partner Challenge


We’re up for a challenge. Are you? We are currently seeking feedback from our architectural, engineering and contract communities via a survey. The findings will help us gain more insight into the owner’s representative role from the AEC perspective. We plan to target some key areas and opportunities for improvement and collaboration based on the information we gather.

Pairing this insight with our current approach to teamwork as outlined in our recent blog post, will forge new ways for teams to work together efficiently in a design capacity. We’ve always known that collaboration is critical to a team’s success. Now we’ll look more closely at ways to enhance that collaboration.

We’re inquiring about frustrations and challenges as well as the outstanding successes. From these two spectrums, we believe we can discern more of the subtleties between owner’s rep and project management roles and address key issues within AEC roles.

We’ll also look at specific processes with the owner’s rep role. Ideally, the owner’s rep monitors rather than manages (1) the design development process (2) the overall project budget (3) the bidding process (4) jurisdictional reviews and project-related mitigation issues (5) construction-related activities (6) project close-out and occupancy (7) move management and relocation.

And because each project is unique, the owner’s rep role is too. It may include more or less of the previously mentioned tasks and the level of detail within each task may greatly vary. We’ll call out a cross section of examples including highlighting the positive effect an owner’s rep can have in neutralizing conflicts of interest within the project team when their role includes managing project teams.

With the information we gather anonymously, we will summarize the findings and share them. In addition to the survey, we’d welcome the opportunity to meet in person and have additional conversation with you surrounding the topic of teamwork and your specific challenges and goals. Please let us know of your interest and we’ll suggest times to meet.

And if you haven’t already done so, please take the survey! There are eight questions and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

A/E link; Contractor link

Posted by Elise Schwartz | in Leadership, Project Management