LTI Management, a Minneapolis-based Project Management and Real Estate Consulting Firm, Brings Proven Processes and a People-First Approach to Projects


March 6, 2014, Minneapolis, MN — LTI Management founder Wendalyn Rogers brings 15 years of expertise in project and program management and real estate consultation to the Twin Cities market. “LTI represents our focus on leadership of people involved in a project. LTI stands for Leading Teams with Integrity,” says Rogers.

Buildings and facilities all have complexities and details within the planning, design and construction process. LTI Management understands the variables and challenges of large to small-scale projects in healthcare, corporate real estate and educational facilities. “Our services are an asset to clients who are focused on the big picture. We’re able to come into a project with a view of the process and details that ensure the client’s vision is met,” Rogers notes.

As a service-oriented business, Rogers says they never overlook the importance of motivating, educating and investing people as stakeholders in the process. Services provided include program and project management, construction management, project delivery consultation, facility conditions assessments and property management. With a track record of $562M in healthcare projects, over 800 multi-site re-brandings and retrofits and $8M in tenant improvements, Rogers has honed her techniques and tools, proactively managing all of the intricate details.

“Rogers is a very strong and effective project manager who can navigate business turmoil with a wonderful maturity that increases morale,” says Russ Williams, VP of Operations, Fairview Health Services. “She impressively manages and coordinates the number of details in a complicated construction project and educates people on the process. Her ability to rapidly learn the unique and specific skills required for each project, make quick and meaningful connections and deftly alter her approach is equally impressive.”

Throughout the relationship with any client, Rogers provides deliverables that include communication management, RFP/contract management, scope and definition control, quality assurance, estimation and budget control and cost, schedule and risk management. “I offer a breadth of services and deliverables that clients can select from to meet their specific needs,” says Rogers. “These are often overlapping and evolving over the course of a project. I enjoy bringing my client’s peace of mind in the process, ultimately bringing their buildings successfully to life.”

LTI Management has over 15 years of expertise handling every detail of planning, design and construction of complex real estate projects in healthcare, corporate real estate and educational facilities. LTI upholds the client’s vision and innovatively leads teams with integrity to create an efficient flow and process for small to large-scale projects.

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