Our Process

We break our process down into four highly effective steps: Plan, Design, Construct, and Occupy.

Our approach is strategic with a strong front end analysis to clearly define the scope and complexities of the project.  We will take an in depth look at your goals and objectives, allowing us to anticipate additional needs.

Preliminary Work

Before we start, we make sure everything is in place.  This includes obtaining project knowledge to help facilitate the best options, obtaining a signed engagement notice, and obtaining project funding sign off.

With those elements in place, we are ready to begin.


    1. Assemble the project team, including RFP’s and Contracts
    2. Project charter
    3. Develop and obtain sign off on schedule
    4. Develop and obtain sign off on budget and cost assumptions.
    5. Plan and execute procurement process
    6. Develop risk management process
    7. Master planning includes programming, site selection, and/or real estate review


    1. Manage design development process
    2. Manage production of construction documents
    3. Manage procurement of contractor if not already chosen


    1. Manage overall construction process
    2. Manager permitting processes
    3. Manage substantial completion
    4. Manage commissioning process
    5. Manage furniture procurement


    1. Move management
    2. Complete closeout of contract and designer and their required documents.
    3. Complete financial close out.


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