Common Mistakes Made by Tenants Looking for Office Space

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Renting office space is similar to purchasing a house or finding a great apartment to rent, but it’s not exactly the same. There are a few key differences you need to understand so you don’t end up with an office that you either dislike or that doesn’t meet all of your needs. If you’re looking to rent or even purchase office space, you need to know about some of the common mistakes people often make so you can avoid them.

Location, Location, Location!

The first rule of real estate is location, and that applies to office space as much as anything else. If you’re going to be meeting with customers at your office, you need to make certain the location is perfect.

Is the building on a major street where it’s easy to find? You don’t want to be in some off the road location that customers won’t be able to get to easily.

Is there plenty of parking? If other businesses are renting space in the same building, remember that their customers and employees will take up some of the parking. You want to make certain there will be enough space for you, your employees, and anyone coming to your office.

You also want to make certain your building isn’t in a bad part of town. If the area has a high crime rate, customers may not feel confident coming to your office. Take time to study the crime statistics of the area before signing the lease.


In addition to where the business is located, take a look at the different amenities offered.

• Is there an elevator for customer accessibility?
• Is there a security guard or receptionist of some sort in the lobby to help direct people?
• What kind of security is even available?
• Are there public restrooms in the building?

These, among others, are all important questions to consider prior to signing a lease for your next business space.


Empty spaces can seem deceptively large. Instead of just looking at the space, make sure you take measurements and compare them to your furniture or the size of potential furniture.

Additionally, if you suspect that your business will be expanding, you may want to look for a space that’s larger than you need now if you can afford it.

Visual Appeal

Another part of business move management involves the building’s curb appeal. Potential customers and clients aren’t going to necessarily trust a business that’s based out of an old building with peeling paint. If your office complex and the area around it don’t look good, it’s a sign that your business either doesn’t have the money to rent better space or just doesn’t care.

Move Management Resources

At LTI Management, we make your business our business and assist in coordinating every step of the business move process. This includes helping you find the ideal space for your company’s next step, and coordinating the entire move process. If you haven’t moved your company before, don’t make the mistake of taking it all on yourself.

Trust the experts. You’ll save yourself time, money, and a whole lot of stress!

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