The Benefits of Third Party Project Management

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Good project management can mean all the difference on a project.

When a weak manager is in charge, deadlines are missed, budgets are shot, and the overall project suffers in quality.

On the other hand, when a project has an outstanding manager, everything seems to come together without any problems. Naturally, that’s only how it looks to everyone else—even the best managers have to put out fires and troubleshoot unexpected issues.

Because having a good project manager is so important, a number of companies have started hiring third party project managers. And, while it may seem like an added expense initially, there are a number of benefits to hiring a third party manager to oversee a large project.

They’re Objective

While a project manager who works for your company is going to have the company’s point of view, a third party project manager will not. They’re going to be objective and view projects from a neutral standpoint. They’re going to always be looking at what’s best for the project.

Additionally, they may also be able to see areas where your company could do something differently in order to save time or money that you and your employees haven’t realized before.

Their Experience

With specialty comes experience. These project managers have worked on a number of projects before, so they are likely more experienced than anyone you have on staff.

Many third party management companies even try to assign managers to projects that are similar in scope and type to projects they’ve worked on before. So, they have experience dealing with the many problems that can occur during a project, and they’re knowledgeable in all areas of project management.

They’re Realistic

A project manager who works directly for a company may feel pressured to take on any job, even jobs that can’t realistically be completed within the given time frame or budget. A third party project manager can more realistically evaluate a company and a project.

Their recommendations on which projects to bid on and what kinds of budgets to put together have the company’s best interests in mind, but they also keep in mind the company’s abilities. If the project seems too large for the company or the client doesn’t want to fund the project correctly, a good third party project manager may strongly suggest you pass on it.

They Can Manage a Crew

Another benefit to hiring a project manager is that they can handle all of the employment issues that you don’t want to deal with, including staff evaulations.

They can provide you an overall evaluation of the project team that shows who is an outstanding worker and who could use some improvement. This can also be very helpful when deciding on promotions or pay bonuses. It’s also useful when deciding who needs to attend extra training sessions or work on their skills.

Posted by Elise Schwartz | in Project Management