It’s Your Move: The Benefits of Move Management Services

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When companies move into a new location, a whole host of co-dependent moving parts are set into motion. Managing these variables for a successful move requires expertise and attention to detail.

Often companies, especially those accustomed to large project management, attempt to manage this internally. In this scenario, employees are tasked with move management in addition to their existing job. The result is loss of productivity due to limited time to focus on their job and the exponential negative effects when even one detail doesn’t go according to plan.

There’s no doubt that move management services can be viewed as costly. The flip side, however, can be more costly. Contracting with LTI Management can alleviate the stress surrounding the move, reduce loss of productivity and put leadership and employees at ease. We tend to the details, which are very process-oriented and contingent. We also know that moving is not just about the physical space, assets and location. It’s about understanding and supporting the employees’ needs before, during and after the move.

A thorough approach to move management requires planning, communications and details at the onset and throughout the move. Our process includes:

• Assisting in staff space programing

• Facilitating meeting management

• Creating a responsibility matrix

• Determining a move action checklist

• Creating an occupancy move schedule

• Tracking and reviewing the budget

• Issuing an RFP for the trucking vendor

• Providing RFP evaluations and recommendations

• Administering staff orientation training (if applicable)

• Serving as the onsite representative during the move itself

Move management expertise covers the spectrum of people, process and physical assets. Communicating with your in-house IT department or mediating discussions between the existing and new space to seamlessly transition connectivity is complex.

Working with leadership to determine office set-up for employees requires sensitivity. Anticipating questions like how to work the new HVAC system and how do I label my stuff so it ends up in my new location, are critical details.

Moving is a lot of work! Hire a professional and let us do the heavy lifting. You’ll be ready to hit the ground running in your new space after a positive move experience.

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